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    I'm contemplating buying TomTom 5 for my Sprint 650.

    Can anybody who has something similar comment on how well the Treo works/survives if its "on" for hours at a time? Does it get hot? Lock up? Anything adverse?

    I of course hope that someone who has maybe had a Treo 600 has used something similar for years on long trips without a hitch. But I'd hate to make that assumption.

    As an aside, how is the routing on it? I just went on a trip with a Magellan Meridian GPS and about 50% of the time you just had to ignore the routes it generated.

    Thanks in advance for any information.
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    The only time my Treo gets hot is when it's looking for a signal and can't find one...which causes the transmitter to use more power. I've been using it for routing for a couple of weeks, and in these cases I leave the phone "off". It stays cool, and the battery lasts forever in that mode. (But, of course, the phone doesn't work.)
    The routing is at least as good as my Garmin Streetpilot III, and close to the builtin on my Acura MDX.
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    I use TomTom on my 650, and there are no issues with it being on all the time.

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