After getting db5 up and running on the 650, I installed PM Pro XT (given their reputation, I never even tried to use the PalmOne conduits except for an initial sync to get my contacts from Outlook to the 650) and tried to do an PDA overwrites Outlook sync for Calendar and Tasks. Calendar, Tasks, and Notes were already on my 650 since I beamed them from my old Visor following the precise steps provided by datebk5's author.

I got the following error message:

PocketMirror® Professional XT
-- Outlook Calendar XT
Error: 0x8000ffff Adaptor failed to convert from device. <0x8000ffff> Outlook Calendar XT - Handheld overwrites Outlook synchronization failed

I get the same message for Tasks. Notes sync fine (I don't have many).

I talked to Chapura about this and they said this means there's a problem with one or more of the records in the calendar/tasks database. The conduit simply can't understand the record. Unfortunately, their error reporting is not any more specific.

They suggested either 1) trying to sync my old Visor with Outlook on my other PC and then importing the PST calendar/tasks into Outlook on my laptop (with which I'm syncing the 650), or 2) removing PM Pro XT, reinstalling Palm desktop, copying 650 calendar/tasks to Palm desktop instead of Outlook, copying items from Palm desktop back to 650, reinstalling PM pro xt and, finally, copying 650 calendar/tasks to Outlook. With option 1, I believe I would lose recurrence/alarms I have set for tasks (calendar items as well?), and option 2 is a pain and seems like a shot in the dark.

1. I ran dbScan 1.9a and it found no problems. (The History database doesn't exist so just ran on Current.) I also used the Remove All Deleted Records command on both the PalmSource and PalmOne databases.
2. I turned off the phone (someone mentioned this in a thread somewhere and it was easy enough to try).
3. I use GoSync (and have for many years) to control which conduits are invoked and save lots of time when debugging these problems.
4. I tried reinstalling PM and using the default settings.

Any ideas?