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    i am new to mms. i have a treo 650 and am on the cingular network. my girlfriend just finally got a phone that supports mms so we decided to try it out. she has a black razr. the problem i am having is that the messages she is sending are ending up being links to it is annoying. is there a way for the image to just come straight to my treo (650)? i thought that was the whole idea behind all of this.

    please help.

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    I got that once when my wife sent me a mms. At first I thought it was spam or somthin. Let me know if you find out anything.
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    If it's just a text message, use SMS.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    you don't have MMS set up call 611 and have them enable PPU (pay per use) MMS or get an MMS package
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    thanks for the reply(s). you are right about not having it set up... i did but when i changed to a national plan last weekend the lady never set it back up. now i can send mms messages but my problems continue.. i cant recieve mms. it sucks. i sat on the phone with the cingular pda specialist person and she tried to figure it out but couldnt either. this sucks.

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