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    I have had my Treo 600 since 11/03. Since then I have had it replaced 7 times. This past time was over the weekend. This one is now having problems . The only speaker that works now is the speakerphone.

    I have called Sprint and they are very appologetic, they will send me another POS phone. The funny part was the original phone was eight months old when it began recycling every 5 minutes or so. When I took it in for service it was replaced witha refurbashed phone. I knew that was the policy and gritted my teeth about it. What I really did not expect was 5 more bad phones since then. The last one only having 3 days of use! This is now less than every 75 days!

    I have called the Service provider as well as Plam. Seems like there is no winning this battle. I would just give it up right now and buy a 650 but all I hear it that it is a POS too.

    I am not hard on my phones physically. I do depend on it though. I use Good Link. Talk over 2000 minutes a month. Some SMS, web and use PoP3 Email as well.

    What are your experiences? If you had to spend the money on a new phone and all of the accessories all over agian what PDA phone would you buy? I do not want to be in a position where the manufacuter gets to hide behind the service providor. Palm has no skin iin this game.
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    If a sprint treo 600 phone has gone out 6 times I'd ask for a 650 replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    If a sprint treo 600 phone has gone out 6 times I'd ask for a 650 replacement.
    I would ask out of my contract
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    While you are on your 7th, I am still on my 1st (11/03).
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    After my 5th phone I called my local sprint store and asked when the manager was in. I went to him directly told him my problem and demanded an upgrade to the 650 that was 6 months ago and I am still on my first 650 and I didn't pay a dime.
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    First of word. 'Sorry' ;-)

    That really sucks. It sounds like you have been through enough. I would bring in all your documentation and plead your case to a Sprint store manager as recommended. Good Luck.
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    Well I went to the Sprint store today . They do not care about my crummy $330.00 a month account. They ordered me another ( my 8th ) Treo 600 Referbased. I called Pam Corp. They say its Sprints problem. Some Customer realtions I should say, you should try and get that phone number, YIKES!

    I have had Palm products since 1996. I will not have them soon anymore. Also I will not be a SPRINT customer much longer either.

    Anyoone want to buy the refurb Treo on is way to me? Let me know.

    Thanks for the help though!
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    If the store you've been going to isn't responsive, go to another Sprint Store and while you're complaining about the 6th phone you've had to replace, you can complain about the lack of service you received from the previous store you went to. That should do it.
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    I'm on 600 #8 and still can't get a 650 as a replacement. i went through 13 300's.
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    I also know of people who have done it just be calling into Sprint Customer Relations.

    Here is their direct Retention Line: 866-207-7913

    This number is direct to their corporate offices and I have had HUGE Results! Tell them the money it has cost you and why you are leaving. I did that and got $300 in credits toward my phone once. But I have heard of people getting a 650 sent to them because of it.

    But if that doesn't work here are three of their Executive Phone Numbers and then get what you need. As much as sprint can suck sometimes the Data Plan can't be beat! So give it one more try!

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    I thought an update was past due; After several calls with Sprint that were not going anywhere ( remeber my phone is still under Sprint Warrenty ) I called Palm. After several calls I was able to get to someone at Palm who told me how to get to custmer relations. After a few wrong numbers I fianly got to someone who cared. Theyasked if they could call Sprint and validate my information. ( Make my day! ) So I loaed him up for bear with all the facts. Much to my surprise he even called back to follow up. He called several times durring he corse of 2 business days. The outcome is Palm has agreed to upgrade the 600 to the 650 and exchange the accessorys. ( much of mine is Palm so this works out great ) Only one catch, they a re on backorder because Palm has to purchase the phone from SPrint, to inturn send to me. They say 2 months... I can wait, free is good. Thanks for the help! I will let everyone know one more time when I have recived the 650. I have often wondered if it is worth the cost to upgrade.
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    Hey Maverick,
    Just read your follow up. Good news. I am in a similar situation with Sprint (see my post of Aug4 ). I am on my 4th Treo 600 but it is no longer in warrenty. All Sprint says is "sorry, nothing we can do". They won't even repair it or replace it for a price. Upgrade and sign a new contract is their answer.

    As you stated in your first post, Palm has no skin in this game. Truer words were never spoken. It's time to change that. Do you happen to have that phone number?
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    I feel your pain. I am on my 4th or 5th T600 in past few months. I have had problems from the speaker crapping out, to a refurb not working out of the box to the phone not charging. Don't get me wrong, I like the phone and everything it can do, but I can't stand the lack of build quality. Doesn't it make you wonder who is engineering the hardware? I wish there was some way that users could influence Palm's engineering to improve the hardware quality and durability. Most other handset manufacturers make reliable products, so what is the problem with Palm? On the other hand, Lockline was very helpful in replacing my last one.
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    I spent the afternoon at the store. Had an appointment with the manager. Who was at lunch. .

    rest of the story:
    I got to wait for the first, wait for the second, and then was told I would have to wait while the phone was checked out by a tech. Which had been done and documented 36 hours before.
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    I was having problems with the earpiece.
    I was able to get my Treo 600 replaced by Palm. Hope I don't have to get it replaced again......
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuhsi
    I'm on 600 #8 and still can't get a 650 as a replacement. i went through 13 300's.
    Yipes! I have had one 600 (got it a few months after they came out with the GSM models). Before that, I had one 270, which I got within a month or so when it came out. I sold the 270 in fine operating condition.

    I _have_ performed the buzz reduction fix on my 600, and replaced the battery... but otherwise it has required no hardware fixes.

    I also always keep it in the case, and treat it as if it were a $300 PDA instead of a cheap cellphone. That said, it goes with me everywhere (including overseas) and has performed admirably.

    The build quality should be better now that treos/smartphone are moving into the cellphone space. Software quality and hardware durability standards are higher in this market.... still, I have to wonder about 8 600's and 13 300's....

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