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    I have several documents (and plenty of room) on my media card, which is a 256MB kingston card. When I go to open my word documents, they open fine, but as soon as I close one of them, my entire Treo reboots, and is stuck on that file when I go to my DocumentsToGo (v7).

    The only thing that brings the program (I can still get to my phone, and other things on my Treo, after the reboot) out of that "lock" is a sync. This isn't the first time this has happened either. It's happened with other documents (.pdf files), and other programs as well; this is the most significant, however.

    Anyone else experience problems like this, or know what the cause could be? Should I be contacting Kingston?

    Thanks in advance
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    sounds like DTG install on your treo is messed up. Uninstall and reinstall to fix it. Also get the dataviz tech tool...
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    Thanks for the reply. I have no idea what DTG is (is that a bad thing? , but I will look into it).

    Thanks again
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    LOL. Let's just ignore my last post. Duh!

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