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    I just received my Sena Magnetic Flipper case for the Treo 650 today, and as soon as I put it on the Treo, the 'Card Info' app. was launced! If I hit the 'home' key, the 'Card Info' app. immediately re-launced ITSELF. This happened whether there was an SD card inserted or not. As soon as I removed the Treo from the case, the problem disappeared. My guess is the magnets on the case are causing the problem. I just emailed Sena, and wondered if anyone here has seen this kind of problem with the Magnetic Flipper case.
    I love it otherwise; it fits great, there's no plastic over the keyboard, most functions are accessible with the case on the Treo, etc. Unfortunately, I can't just keep using the 'Card Info' app.
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    I don't have this problem.

    The only problem I have is if I put SD cards all the way in the SD card holders, they will hit the keys on the thumb board.
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    By trying to determine what might be causing the weird behavior, I found that holding the magnets away from the Treo eliminates the problem. Also, if I slightly elevate the Treo in the case, like I'm going to remove it, the problem disappears. Another odd quirk that happens is that you can't move 'sideways' through any of the drop-down menus in any application.
    I talked with the people at Sena today and they are sending me another case to try out. They haven't seen this problem before and seem very interested in finding out why it's causing me this problem. I'm hoping the replacement case works fine as I do really like this case. Does anyone with the 650 live in Chicago? Let me see if the case does the same thing on your 650?
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    Can you PLEASE post a live pic of the treo in the case? I am trying to decide what case to get and the Sena is tops on my list. PLEASE!!
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    I will post a picture, but tell me how to do it.
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    i have had the same sena case since it came out and never had a problem with it. it is the best case i have ever owned. i would be interested to see what your outcome is.
    morris stalk
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    Quote Originally Posted by nospleen
    Can you PLEASE post a live pic of the treo in the case? I am trying to decide what case to get and the Sena is tops on my list. PLEASE!!
    here are some pictures of a sena case.
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    Thanks!! I just placed my order...
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    I was able to try the Sena case on another 650 @ the local Sprint store today and their phone worked fine with the case. I have no clue what could be causing my Treo to act up with this case. Neither do the Sprint people. Hopefully the replacement case Sena shipped will work OK...
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    The good people at Sena sent another case to try, and it causes my Treo to act the same way. There must be something with my Treo, as I tried their case on two other 650's with no problems. I talked to Sprint about getting another phone, as there must be something different/wrong with mine, and their response was that they'd give me a refurbished 650. Well, I pushed a bit, saying my phone was only a month old and I didn't want a used replacement, but they refused to offer a new replacement phone. So I'm going to stick with this phone and use a different case.
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    Did you ever figure out what was causing the problems? I'm thinking it may be the magnets...
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    I'm sure it was the magnets, as the Treo worked fine when I held the magnets away from the Treo case. It seems it was unique to my Treo, though, since I tried that case on 2 other Treo's and they continued to work fine. I could have exchanged my Treo for another, but at that point I decided to keep it.
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    i bought a Senacase and used it with my Treo650 (GSM) model and have no problem with it, the only problem that i have is the magnetic flipper always disengaging whenever i hit the corner of my table.
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