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    I'd like to use DUN and use my dial-up ISP, and then surf the web with my Treo 650, all self contained. It seems like my Treo should be able to do this.

    Question 1: Am I correct? If I am correct then,

    Currently, even though I can use the Prefs/Network to configure a dial-up custom connection, and it says I am connected when I use it...

    I get nothing from TREO's web browser, and nothing that seems internet related responds like it should (I get nothing). I also get no error messages.

    Question 2: What steps can I follow to get my Treo web surfing, and steps that will clarify/help me problem solve when a certain specific thing is not setup or working correctly, so I can get to the end result of a successful net connection?


    got it answered...
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