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    Hello all,
    I have what may be a unique situation. Hopefully not.

    I am doing some IT/eCommerce consultation for a client. This client has a pizza delivery company, and we need to be able to have an audible alert signal the drivers that a new order has arrived.

    Currently, on a regular PC, we use a very small .wav file(<2k) to do the signalling. It works superbly. However, the default, Blazer Browser does not function in this capacity. Even though at the product demonstration we were told that Treo 650 would function with html loaded .wav files.

    I would hate to think that in this day and age there is NO solution for this. Even if we had to use a different file format, rather than .wav that would be acceptable.

    Thoughts, Ideas, Concerns?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Ron Chaplin
    T73 Software & Design
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    I will admit I am no tech geek, but are the pizza drivers equipped with Treos? Why not send sms to alert them of new orders?
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    You know, Honestly, I had not thought of that! Sometimes we all overlook the simplest solutions.

    And yes, the drivers are all equiped with treos. How cool ehh?
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    Well, I discussed the SMS possibility with my client, and it would make the process more complicated for the drivers. So back to the original qurestion, Is there any way to listen to audio through a Palm Browser of any kind?
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    Launching Blazer is much more comlicated than receiving an sms, no matter how you look at it. (especially while driving)

    You can download a .wav file with blazer and then use ptunes or the like to play from the sd card.

    Sorry, I'm slow...but I'm trying to figure this out. What exactly is complicated about receiving an SMS?
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    I can see pulling over to view and reply to an SMS. I cant imagine pulling over to open up my browser; just to listen to an audible alert? Sorry, but it seems the only complication to the drivers is your client.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    You should be able to download wav files to the card as long as they are smaller than 2 MB in size. You can then use a audio player like Real, Ptunes or Aeroplayer to listen to the files...
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    If you use a service like Teleflip then you can send SMS via Email. This should be incredibly simple to implement.....and I echo everyone else's question: why Blazer over SMS?
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