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    Ok, i'm just toying with Zlauncher. For those that don't know I just got my Treo yesterday and am trying to make a switch from the PPC world to Palm. I have a few programs that I really like already installed. Zlauncher is one, the other is the Directory Assistant and... *blanks* I forgot what the third app was.

    Anyway, I've been searching around a little bit and I was wondering if Butler was something that complimented Zlauncher or if it was more of a one or the other situation.

    It looks like Butler does some cool things with the LED and customizing the setup of alarms and ringtones that Zlauncher (that i have seen) does not. Anyway, just thought I would post here for feedback as I've gotten great information from this forum already!
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    hey Andrax, congrats on getting your treo 650. I use both zLauncher and Butler, and like them both. Took me a while to apperciate the little things that zLauncher does, but now find it to be a must have app. Anyway, Butler for me is even more important then zLauncher. I love the fact that it plays mp3's after I miss a phone call, and can get the LED to act crazy even if I miss the mp3. It has plenty of alarms for you to use if you need more then one (I use to hate setting my alarm every night in World Clock, Butler takes care of that problem). The K Launch is a must have as well, being able to launch applications from any program in the phone is very nice. Speed Dials, Favorite Web Sites, anything you have saved on your favorite pages. Butler also comes in handy when Im out on a date, but don't want to get any sms pop ups that my date can read =) Butler hides the main display for you.
    I think you will find that must hard core Treo "Whores" use Butler, and have nothing but nice things to say about it.
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    Welcome to the Fold! I also use both!
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    I'm a big Butler fan. I'm going to be adding ZLauncher to my phone today or tomorrow...I can finally free some RAM by moving apps to the card (I had enough to work with, but the more the merrier, right?) and get a good looking Launcher!

    That's what ZLauncher provides for me...more RAM and sweet customizable looks.

    I typically launch programs using Butler's Key Launcher, but that's only 26 programs that I can launch from Butler...I've got more than 26 programs.

    ZLauncher has a decent file manager, but it's definitely nothing compared to Resco Explorer. Even though these apps aren't really related, here they are in order of importance to me: (1)Butler (2)Resco Explorer (3)ZLauncher.
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    I also migrated from pocket PC and use both butler and zlauncher. They both are must haves for me. Zlauncher has a today screen plugin that is handy for me since I was accustomed to using the today screen on the PPC for schedule and tasks.
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    Alrighty, thanks for the input all. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't any known conflict or what have you (ie inadvertantly self destructing my treo upon installing both apps).

    Going to cost me a small fortune for all these apps though. Geeze. Zlauncher, Butler, Uninstall Manager, and on and on and on...

    I have already installed Zlauncher, Uninstall Manager and Directory Assistant onto the phone itself and not my 1GB SD Card. Should I move it all to the card? It's so hard to know what apps are "mission critical" that should be on the device itself and which should be on a card. I mean i plan on always having the card in the phone, but if its not, there are deffinitely some apps that HAVE to still work. Know what i mean?
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    Congrats & welcome to the Treo family. Zlauncher is the best i've seen & used. I tried butler, but didn't keep it to long. Hope you enjoy your stay here, plus a lot to read & great apps!
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    I'm confused, besides Keylaunch Anywhere, Butler and ZLauncher have nothing to do with each other. Totally separate features.

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