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    I have a CNG BLue T650 upgraded to ROW 1.28. Still on CNG Blue service.
    Whenever I have an incoming call while on a call AND I hang up on the first call to answer the incoming call, the phone resets. This happens every time. This happened before the FW upgrade and after.

    #*377 reports:
    "A crash occurred on DATE at TIME while running "Phone":
    Fatal Exception"
    It provides no error msg for the exception.

    I've searched the threads for clues and couldn't find anything specific. I have no 3rd party apps installed that would mess with the phone app. I do have an assortment of normal apps like ZLauncher, docs to go, adobe reader - but nothing else really.

    Obviously its sub-optimal to work around this. Can anyone provide any insight?
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    The same thing happens to me. Except I don't know about the #*377 thing. Mine also happens if I don't take the other call and they leave a voicemail. It can also happen randomly like if I press the select button a couple of times. This happens like once a day or so. Sometimes more. It was only after my upgrade. I have had the phone a month, so it has no 3rd party apps at all. Just a SD card with some mp3s and pictures.... I'd like to know what to do as well.
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    Me to. I happens more often now I've upgraded to 1.13-ROW.
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    I'll throw my hat in the ring for 1.12 Sprint.
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    Not an option in the UK!
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    did any of you recently purge calls from the call log?

    I did. Before I delete the file suggested in the following thread, I thought I'd ask...

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