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    In new york, several subway lines come out of a tunnel and proceed to cross a bridge. I frequently catch these. It is interesting because at the point of daylight, half the people on the carriage pull out their various phones and start to use them.

    Except those with treo 650s, like me.

    We stare at the irritating no service indicator as the train crawls at 15mph across brooklyn bridge.

    Sometimes, if I am "lucky" the phone decides that there is cellular life, it does this past the mid-way point of the bridge. By this time everyone on normal phones has pretty much checked their SMS messages or made a phone call.

    50% of the time the phone doesn't even find the signal before we re-enter the tunnel on the other side!

    My treo 650 is t-mobile / GSM, if that matters.

    Just for the record, I have other issues: the phone will spontaneously reboot from time to time, perhaps once a week. It does this in random apps, I have nothing special installed. In my house the signal is weak from t-mobile (they are useless in filling in dead spots in new york) and so the phone will sometimes lock onto a cingular tower and give me "no service - sos only".

    There are also bugs with data/versamail that will effectively lockup the entire device requiring me to pull the battery. I believe if data is interrupted at critical moments.

    I'm a first time poster here. I've owned a 600 since release and find the 650 better but still buggy. Of the 100 things they could have fixed with the 650 over the 600, they have fixed only 60%..
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    I have T-Mobile & GSM as well. Make sure you have the newest firmware installed. My treo used to take up to 30 seconds to connect, but now less than 10 seconds...
    Treo 650 Unlocked GSM FW1.23
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    I updated to 1.23/1.06

    It isn't clear to me what 1.28 does over 1.23

    The update procedure failed with a "general error" unless i did a hard reset to clear the treo completely.

    next time I catch the train we'll see how quickly it locks onto a tower, thanks.

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