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    I have been watching my phone lately and it seems to connect to the network a lot. I see that orange light come on at least once every 10 minutes or so. I've disabled the PUSH settings on verizon's email. I am now using versamail only. I've got it set to check every thirty minutes. i have minimal software on my device. I have ewallet and Avantgo. I dont think Ewallet is supposed to ping the net. Avantgo is set to only sync when I do a sync at home. is there anyway to tell what's causing my phone to ping the net so much? I miss calls when this is happening and that's frustrating.

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    Try system> prefs> network> disconnect

    and see if it continues to try to connect. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

    (disable eWallet for a time, see if the pinging continues. . . .)
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    that used to happen a lot with Verizon devices, and they supposedly changed some network settings to stop it. It's really a network thing that you're seeing, where the network keeps pinging the device - in other words, it's not really a device thing.

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