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    I tried installing the MPEG4 and MP3 CODEC for TCPMP, but it keeps telling me that the CODEC is not supported by the player. It says that for both CODEC's, and I'm using the 0.66 release. Yesterday, when I first had this issue, I installed the files from an email I sent my Treo and not using the normal installation method for .prc files.

    After some advice from a member in the FairUse post I installed the files using the Palm Install Tool and had them installed to my SD card. That worked on the video I had created last night, but when I pulled out my Treo for the all important "Check this out" moment at work - using the same video, I got the errors again!

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    What codec are you encoding with?
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    XviD using the Fairuse Software.

    Like I said, it worked last night using the same file that is now not working.

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