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    So I finally purchased a Treo 650. I had a talk with a friend of mine over all the specifics, but I had one detail that I wanted to get into specifically.

    I have a .Mac account and several POP accounts that I can access via-the web, but I set them up as POP accounts in

    I would like to access all these email accounts on my Treo, but I want all those emails to remain on the server so I can still download them to my Mac later. How would I go about setting this up?

    My friend said I should change all of my POP accounts to IMAP. That sounds great, but does this mean that all the emails will remain on the server until I manually delete them? I like how in Mail I can set it "delete messages from server when removed from the inbox."

    Or, is it even possible to access multiple-mail accounts on the Treo. I'm still new and going through the lengthy literature as we speak. If worse comes to worse, I could just use webmail I suppose.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes I have 3 accounts I check. When you edit your mail setting under the advance tab check the box leave mail on server.
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    What I want is to download all my mail on my G5 because I like to keep/organize it all there. I want my Treo to access my email when I am away from my office -- I just want to be able to read it, then when I get home I want to be able to download it and sort it later.

    Right now I have my Treo set to "download subjects only" -- that way if it's something important, I can just access it via-webmail. I was just hoping there was an easier way.

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    I have IMAP email which I initially set up on my Powerbook (I use Spamcop as this removes most spam at source). When I am out and about I download subjects only and then if it is important I get the full message. Works fine I believe. Whilst on the road I can also delete any spam that makes it through the filter so it never makes it to my PB.
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    This works fine for me when traveling. Set options under the account settings for your mail program (this works with Snapper and should work with Versamail and most other mail apps)
    Set it to not delete or remove mail. (This is for POP)
    That way I always get all mail when I'm back at my Mac.
    You can also set your mac to not delete mail from the server for a week or some length of time if you you want to access recent email from your treo.
    This also allows you to set up rules in your Mac email to forward on email to your
    text messaging address. If you leave your mac on during the day and have it set to get messages every 15 minutes then by auto-forwarding (you can set thisjust for specific email) then you 're notified on your treo if anything important has come in. The text mesage won't have the whole message but at least the subject so you can download it if desired.
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    I use Versamail with my .mac account and it works well. It is fast, so I simply download the entire message. As others have said, check the box that instructs to leave mail on the server so that later, when in your office, you can download to your Mac.

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    I have problems with synchro between GroupWise and VersaMail, every time all the messages were downloaded in spite of my settings.
    Any idea ?
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    I use snapper mail and it works fine with my .mac account.
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    I use Chatteremail and It's how I get "push" instant emails from my .Mac account.
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    I think you can configure .mac mail to be IMAP so you shoudln't have to forward it(?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by camels1993
    I use snapper mail and it works fine with my .mac account.
    I take this back. I had never tried to send an email with snapper, just received. It was great at receiving, can't seem to get it to send an email. I tried via POP3 and IMAP, following snappers instructions, no luck.
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    Check your outgoing mail server settings. Snapper works fine with .mac accounts
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Check your outgoing mail server settings. Snapper works fine with .mac accounts
    I did and double checked and triple checked..still not working
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    Mac mail POP settings on Snapper:
    Edit account
    Outgoing Mail
    Smtp server:
    Username: <your user name> (not full email address, just email name)
    Password: <your password>
    More Button -> SMTP settings Use Port: 25

    Make sure Mac mail preferences on the .mac site is set for POP and not IMAP
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    You don't change any setting on .mac, per se. It's the settings you use in your email client that you change. .mac is IMAP though you can use POP to get it. Why you would is a mystery to me...
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    The real question is how to get VersaMail to send the sent mail to the .Mac account. I have tried and tried but cannot get the mail I've sent to show up in my Sent Messages folder on the .mac account. This is something that Chatter can handle readily and I am switching over to it but in the mean time would like VERY MUCH to move all the sent items from my Treo to the .mac account and be able to see them on my desktop. Isn't this one of the main reasons for IMAP? The only folder that ever gets offered up to sync is the INBOX and that is it. HELP!!
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