I have the HBH 660 withj the Treo 650.

It paired fine, and right after pairing seemed to work fine.

However, now, you can press the button to answer and hang up calls as they come in, and when you make a call on the Treo it will immediateyl xfer to the headset, BUT there is no RING or CALLER ID shown on the HBH 660.

When I initially turn it on and press the button it beeps a few times, finds the Treo and then the Bluetooth Icon inverts... After about half a minute the icon goes back to normal and the HBH 660 gives a long deep beep meaning it is not connected to the phone I assume.

What am I doing wrong or how can I get this to work? It worked fine right after paining.

Bluetooth settings are name cache enabled and Not in discoverable,w hich shouldnt matter since they are already paired.

If anyone else had this issue,m or if there is something I did wrong please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help!