Is anyone syncing two treo 650s with one mac? I'm using isync, missing sync, ical, and mac address book and after much trial and error, here's how I'm doing it.

I set up missing sync and isync so that it enables isync and the default setting is do nothing. I've got Address Book, Date Book, Mark/Space MemoPad, TimeCopy and To Do List unchecked. Everything else is set to do nothing except Backup and Install Files.

First, I've got treo #1 (mine) and treo #2 (my husband's). My husband rarely enters anything into his treo, but if he does, I beam it onto my treo. Then I sync treo #1 with the mac. Then I connect treo #2 and open isync and under Devices, I reset all devices so it will replace the data that is on his treo (#2) with the info I just updated on the computer when I synced my treo #1. Otherwise, it'll double enter the entries. Right now we have no need to share memos so it's not set up to sync those, although our tasks/to do lists are syncing.

Anyone else doing it differently or better than my system? If so, I'd love to hear about it. It took about 20 sync attempts and a week to figure out this system which is working for me so far. But I'm no expert at this so I'm surprised I've got it working.