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    I recently purchased a 650 w/verizon and am having a hell of a time getting ringers for the phone. I followed the directions from the threads to get an mp3 to wav. I converted it on my pc, and split about 20 seconds, which I emailed to myself as an attachment, and tried to open on the treo. However it is 3901 kb and the treo tells me it does not have enough memory. am I doing something wrong? I have downloaded ringers from 3gupload and had no trouble, I just cannot get the mp3's to work as wav files. Should I make it smaller and loop it, if so what is a good program to use to loop. I am trying to avoid buying software to use mp3's, and am kind of hesitant after reading about the troubles alot of you have had. This is my first experience with a Treo and I love it, I am just unsure what to do to get Wav files. I know it is adressed 1000 times on this board, but I still can't get it to work! Also when I was trying download other files a few times the screen went white until I pressed the phone button, then everything came back. Is this a common problem? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

    ps. I am somewhat computer literate but to be honest (at risk of sounding clueless) I do not know if 3901 kb is alot.

    pps. One more quick question-Why when I select the card file from the catagories at the top of the screen it shows up empty, even though there is stuff on the card?
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    My best advice would be to separate the questions and use meaningful thread titles. You will get more help that way.

    Good luck!
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    Wow, that's a lot of info to take in. First your doing to much to try to save $10, just buy Phone Technician, it works and it will play any MP3 you want.

    Here's the link

    Your not seeing anything on the SD card, because the stuff you have in it, are not apps. The built-in launcher is lousy. If you want to see what's inside the card, you'll need "FileZ"(freeware) or a better launcher like "Zlauncher"(shareware)

    Filez Link

    Zlauncher Link

    If you want to unlock the Treo's full power I suggest to take a look at these apps, and see what you like, afterwards try surfing the webpage for anything else that might interest you, the site has more than 27,000 apps for Palm, there's bound to be something there that you might like.
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    Thank you for you help. Sorry the thread was so long, I just didn't want to seperate it into different threads for stuff that is already discussed at length..and I just don't understand. I will check all those links out today and see what I can figure out. This thing really can do alot more than I ever thought possible!!!

    Meaningful thread! Thanks, I'll remember that for future posts. I'm kinda new to this whole thing, sorry. Thanks again!

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