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    I was just sent an interesting article about the newly released Samsung i730 that may provide insight as to whether we will -- or very likely not -- ever see WiFi or EVDO capability on the Treo 650. Apparently Verizon Wireless has removed Dial Up Networking on the i730 in an effort to prevent users from attaching it to their laptops and surfing on EVDO instead of purchasing Verizon's air cards that cost almost twice as much as the $45 EVDO.

    Now since the current version of the Treo 650 includes Dial Up Networking, it stands to reason that we may never see a simple EVDO solution in our Treo 650s. I'm wondering if Palm's solution with wireless carriers will include an "update" to the current system that will disable the ability to use EVDO via DUN but that seems to be more trouble than Palm may think it's worth (and there's always the Shadowmites of the world... )

    I'm hoping that there is at least a compromise of having WiFi drivers released since the i730 includes them but I'm not holding my breath despite remaining hopeful. While I'm not thrilled with Palm for their corner cutting, it would seem that the carriers are the primary culprits who will never allow our Treos to ever come close to reaching their intended potential and design.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and info you've seen that may shed more light on this hot topic.
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    I have a feeling that the carriers are going to do everything they can to prevent people from tethering the data connection. From their standpoint, I can understand why they dont want all the bandwidth being used for people's home computers and laptops.

    I think the carriers are balancing the cost people tethering versus the need to provide faster data speeds to end users of high tech items. I am sure there are groups in each organization debating it as we speak.

    For my personal needs, I would rather pay for my $10 Sprint unlimited vision and have wifi as an option (either built in or if I had to, with the combo card). I couldnt personally justify the $45 evdo price tag (assuming thats what sprints would be) and I personally don't tether because I have a broadband wifi network at home.

    So yeah, I *hope* that wifi is at least an option on the next treo.
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    EVDO, I think never - that requires changes in the internal components. WiFi - perhaps. There's always the theoretical Enfora sled, but it's rather past the expected release date and it still hasn't appeared.
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    Eh... even if DUN is removed, it will be hacked within a week here at Treocentral! No worries...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Eh... even if DUN is removed, it will be hacked within a week here at Treocentral! No worries...
    ROFLMAO. I'm just hoping we get the chance to hack it!!! This new is making me more skeptical that Palm will release WiFi drivers for the Treo 650. The carriers thinking might be that it's just not worth any potential hassle and shadowmites. Plus the sales and marketing staff might be banking on new Treo 650 owners feeling the need to upgrade their new phone just 6 months later. Nauseating thought.
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    It will have EVDO and WiFi. Carriers like Sprint will just continue going after people that use an unusually high amount of bandwidth.

    A friend of mind just got a letter via US Mail from Sprint telling him that he is being "watched" and suggested he purchase a data plan because they feel he's using his Treo as a modem. This is not true. He only uses the Treo to stream online radio during the day.

    The carriers know if they pull back too much people simply will not buy. So they will allow high speed access and the next Treo will have the needed features to make it happen via EVDO and WiFi.

    The carriers would be wise to push WiFi more than EVDO if they have bandwidth concerns. Since on a WiFi connection their bandwidth is not being used.

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