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    I cannot get the highlight feature of Biblereader to work. Every time I think I get it working, it works once and then the next time it resets my Treo. Anyone have any luck with getting Biblereader to work right?

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    God is speaking to you.
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    Iwas thinking the same thing but didn't want to envoke the wrath.
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    lol No one has an serious idea?

    (I do appreciate the humor though.)

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    Well, all the usual things. Make sure you have the latest version, check all the software you have installed recently, try deactivating background apps.

    I haven't used BibleReader in a while. MyBible works great on Treo 650!
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    If you are using the program from Olivetree I would try a few things:
    1. I would see if there was an update.
    2. I would tell their tec support, they have been helpful to me.
    3. I have had problems getting the highlight to work, but in my last update (which is 3.52 F101) I notice it working without a problem.

    After I installed CWSB (It is a Bible with a lot of Greek and Hebrew helps) I had a lot of problems and had to do a full install.

    Hope things work out for you.


    ps If you are trying to study your Bible and it keeps resetting, I do not think it is God speaking to ya - It may be the other guy.
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    Make sure you have the latest update, currently 3.52 F363. I was able to get it to work just fine without any resets. I was able to get it to highlight and also to turn off the highlighting without any problems.
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    I do have the most recent version, but I am running it from the SD card. Maybe I'll try running it from main memory siee if that solves the problem.

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    I foubd the problem. The Bible+opt database must be in the same directory as the program, whether in RAM or on the card. Now if I can just get Zap from resetting my phone:-).
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    I'll be getting a Treo in a few weeks (anniversary present) and I'm trying to get a set of daily readings from the Catholic Church. Olive Tree said that they would be happy to compile it and gave me a sample format and what it looks like. Well, I can't see what it looks like yet because I don't have the treo (or an emulator). If anyone can download the pdb and then upload a picture of what it looks like, it would help me a lot with the formatting of sample file.

    Thank you,
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