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    We just moved, and I can't find my original CD that came with my Sprint T650 (which I rigged for Verizon). Would anyone be willing to email me a zipped version of the CD or even by mail would be appreciated! I have it installed on my Mac at home, but now need it to be installed on my XP Pro PC at work. I would greatly appreciate any help. (PalmOne website software section says it's unavailable and to use the original CD that comes with the T650.) In exchange for your help, I'd be happy to offer 10 GMail invitations. THANKS!
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    You might want to try and walk into your carriers store, I received a new phone from insurance and only got the phone and a charger nothing else. I also looked at the web site and found nothing and when I called Sprint they told me that it is unavailable as a download and for me to just walk into the store and ask for a disk. Went to a couple of stores and found a tech that had some disk, manual, etc. Got everything I needed and they asked me no questions.

    That might be your fastest and most surefire way of getting what you want, if not let me know and I will look to place it on an ftp server for you to download.
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    I posted this for someone else a few days ago. It's still out there if you need it...I don't have the link since I'm on my Treo.

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    If your sprint store doesn't have one you can always call cs and they will send you one. If you can't get one I can burn you a copy of mine for you...lmk.
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    You can sign up as a "developer" on the Palm website and download it.
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    Palm will send you a copy for free, plus shipping, as long as you are under warranty. Next time image it and store it somewhere safe.


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