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    Has anybody tried the Smartphone Experts Cradle?

    I personally have no need for the audio output of the InnoDock, and I do not have my Treo 650 in a case.

    So, $15.00 cheaper looks attractive.

    Curious too that the TreoCentral store actually points out that this dock doesn't have those thing while the InnoDock does. Do they do that kind of thing with any other product?

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    Replying to my own question, with the mixed bag of happy/unhappy feedback I see for the Seidio InnoDock cradle it seems like a few people might have tried the Smartphone Experts cradle by now.

    No feedback?

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    OK. Never mind you bums!

    I just ordered one. I'll tell y'all if it's any good.

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    A few weeks ago I asked if anyone was using this cradle and got no replies! Well, my Palm Cradle stopped working entirely (I tried all the suggestions posted here) so I decided to buy a Smartphone Experts cradle and give it a try.

    I am personally not interested in the audio out which the Seidio Innodock has, so it didn't bother me that this one has no audio jack. Besides, apparrently many people have issues with that thing.

    My Treo 650 is not in a case (but I carry it in one of those horizontal side cases which I love!). If your Treo is in any kind of skin or case I doubt it will fit in the Smartphone Experts cradle.

    That said, the connection is solid and positive. No trick at all to "snapping" the Treo into the cradle by positioning on top of the connector and pushing down.

    It has a green power light indicating when there is power to the charger (whether the Treo is in it or not).

    The Hotsync button makes a positive "click" when pressed and works fine.

    It's pretty unremarkable, so it's hard to come up with much to say about it. But, that's exactly what you want in something so simple! It just works.

    One note of slight embarrassment. I am a software developer and very knowlegable about PCs, but it did not occur to me that the USB cradles have no power when the PC is turned off! Not a problem, but definitely a "Well, Duh" kind of moment. If charging your Treo with your computer off is important to you then you might want to take a pass on any of the USB flavor of chargers. Or, you might also want to invest in a powered USB hub (I see them online for under $20.00) and then the problem is resolved. I think I will probably do this myself eventually, but haven't bothered as yet.

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    Thanks for the review. I did notice your post a couple of weeks back and have also been waiting for some reviews.

    Ideally I want a case that would work with my 650 in its Vaja T65 but I've accepted that it won't be a problem to just slip it out of its case and into the cradle. I will have to review the other cradles before I make my purchase. If your experience changes please inform.

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    Is this the same cradle ? It is also on ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBKB
    Is this the same cradle ? It is also on ebay.
    Yes, it certainly looks like it to me. Funny that they don't mention the brand. That makes me a tad suspicious. But, it looks identical (and is $10.00 cheaper than Treocentral).

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    I'm reviewing it now for TreoCentral. Check out the guy's shipping charges on E-Bay. Pretty steep though it does look like the same thing.

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