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    It seems that all of my appointments are syncing just fine. However the current day’s appointments seem to disappear. The alarms do work however when I select the go to button the time slot is blank. On the next day the previous day’s appointments are back.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanking you in advance

    - David
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    Is this happening with the built-in calander?

    PS - Appointments disappearing is better than disappointments appearing.
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    hmm, Jeff talked about a bug in the treo boot up sequence that I think he said could cause this. Basically when the treo boots up it sets the date to something in the 80's and then gets the current date. He said with it setting the date like that appointments and whatnot would be cleared.

    So I suppose the next question is, did your phone reset (intentionally or not) on the days that you have lost your appointments?
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