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    I was getting pics off my card via missing sync on my treo, and powerbook and I looked at itunes, it had what looked like a motorola razr named "missing sync". This is the first time I have ever seen this, has anyone else?
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    it keeps freezing itunes now, but I managed to get a screenshot.
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    This never happens to me. Worx just fine. Which OS are you running?
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    I am running osx tiger 10.4.2. I never saw this before. Not sure this has been reported, my apologies if it has, maybe it's old news.
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    I have the same issue. I never used the iTunes mounting feature before so I'm not sure if it worked in previous versions of Tiger or Panther. The Treo SD card is mounted properly as a drive on the desktop, but iTunes doesn't like it.
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    yes, thats what I meant, it always worked, but I never had itunes open doing it. Today I notcied it cause itunes wAS opened, and noticed what appeared to be a motorola razr cell phone, we know they are gonna support their itunes phone, so it looks like we will be able to use it too. It completely freezes itunes, and I have to do a restart. Just not sure if anyone has posted this before with a screenshot showing it.
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    I just submitted a support ticket with Mark/Space, the makers of Missing Sync. Will let you all know if I hear any news from them.
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    I notified appleinsider, I know there was an article showing motorla phones being able to sync with itunes now. I thought this was strange when I saw it had a cell phone in itunes. It does not play well together now, maybe an update of itunes 4.9 will include this fix.
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    Not an issue.... try looking at page 31 of the manual..... you know RTFM

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    Page 31 of the manual says that you should be able to see the mounted drive in iTunes. This I already knew, though others may not. It says nothing about why this might be broken, which is the point of this thread. In fact, it IS an issue because the feature doesn't work in certain circumstances. I suggest reading the entire thread before simply telling the participants to "RTFM" as if the answer to our problems is in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccrnj80
    I was getting pics off my card via missing sync on my treo, and powerbook and I looked at itunes, it had what looked like a motorola razr named "missing sync". This is the first time I have ever seen this, has anyone else?
    Hi guys,

    Never been on this forum before, but I've been a Palm/Mac user for years. Mark space has put in Missing sync the ability to let users transfer music directly to the SD card thru iTunes, this is not new. When you have the SD Card mounted on the desktop, you can open iTunes and select any type of music you want to hear on your Palm (MP3 of course) and it will save it directly on the SD card into a special Audio folder that the music software of your palm will recognize and play for you afterwards. Just drag the music on top of the little icon of missing sync in iTunes and you'll see the music been transfer. Missing sync has also placed a feature in iPhoto, when you tell iPhoto to export you'll see an option to "export to palm", this will send the pictures to a folder where after the next hotsync your pictures will be transfer to the SD card, and you can view them in your palm. Hope this helps to clarify things.
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    ok, thanks for clarifying this. It was new to me, hadn't heard about this feature.
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    Question, mounting the sd card, does that mean taking it out and putting it in a card reader?
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    yeah, this has been a feature w/missing sync for quite a time. even in treo600 days.

    not sure why your treo is showing up as a razr, though.
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    Mounting the card (in this case) means connecting your Treo with the SD card still inside to your computer via USB cable and running the Missing Sync app on the Treo. This causes your SD card to appear on your mac as a removable drive, just as if you plugged the card in to a card reader and connected that to the mac. You can browse the filesystem on the card and copy files to and from the card. It's not nearly as fast as a card reader (in my experience at least) but could be useful at times.
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    what does yours show up as in itunes? mine , as you can see shows up as what looks to be a motorola razr phone.
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    I figured it out, I believe. If someone else can test this and confirm, I'd appreciate it. Here's what I sent to Mark/Space support:

    "The problem is with VBR (variable bit rate) mp3 files. Based on my testing on my 1.25GHz G4 Powerbook, the Missing Sync plugin takes about 3 seconds per megabyte to scan VBR files on the card. For instance, if I have a single 5MB VBR mp3 file in my /Audio directory and I run the Missing Sync app on my palm, iTunes spins for 15 seconds before coming back to life with the correct directory listing in the Missing Sync device. If I add another 5MB file, then unmount the drive and remount it, iTunes spins for 30 seconds before coming back.

    "I tested this extensively by ripping the same three songs as non-VBR and then as VBR files at 48.0KHz sampling rate (the VBR slowdown was also apparent in 44.1KHz files, but I didn't time them). As I mentioned, with one VBR track it took 15 seconds to mount. With two, 30 seconds. With three, 50 seconds (the third track was longer than the first two). With the non-VBR files, it took about 3 seconds no matter how many files were on the card.

    "When I initially reported this bug, I had a very large (200MB) VBR file on my card. At my calculated rate, it would take about 10 minutes for iTunes to finish reading the card. I thought it was permanently hung and kept force-quitting it, but I bet it would eventually finish."

    You can tell if your mp3s are VBR by doing a Get Info (command-I) on the track in iTunes. Under Summary, look at Bit Rate. If you see VBR after the bitrate, then it's a VBR track.

    Mine looks like a razr in iTunes. It also looks kinda like an older Treo (270/300).

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