I have two Treo 650 "carrying" needs:

1. I want a very light, thin carrying case with 650-front protection that attaches to my belt.

The only thing that I've seen so far that fulfills my first need is a plastic belt holster that the 650 snaps into such that the front faces inward and is protected, I hope, with a foam pad: http://store.treocentral.com/content.../4-24--154.htm.
It looks like it fits close to the body and makes the 650 quickly avaiable for use. I like both of those features.

So, has anyone tried a "fast-draw" holster like this that protects the front (IE, does not house the 650 in an outward-facing position) and would not be scratched by whatever the screen would lay against? It shouldn't continually press any of the keys either and, hence, activate something or damage the keys. I guess the former could be fixed by the switch that does not allow the keys to be activated.

I could go for a more substantial and thicker belt-case (with a flip screen cover) if the holster just doesn't work well. If anyone really likes one of these, I'm all ears, er..., eyes. If I did consider one of these that had the keyboard covered with clear vinyl, what is the input or typing experience like?

2. In addition, I would like a separate flap that protects the front when I decide to travel with the 650 in my pocket or bag. I have a Tungsten C with a leather flap that protected the front (screen, keyboard, etc.) and that has filled the bill.

Does anone know of a minimalist front flap that protects the screen? I can't imagine how this would attach to the 650 unless it came as part of entire 650 skin (which might work if it was very thin and light and did not expand the size noticeably). In other words, I'm not interested in heavy-duty protection or anything with any bulk. I would not use the flap with the holster for obvious reasons.

I'm have reviewed lots of webpages, including treocentral.com, that show lots of options. What I really like about forums is getting the benefit of someone's actual EXPERIENCE, not just pictures and descriptions. Thanks.