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    Has anyone out there who has a Proclip holder for their Treo 650 tried putting their Ipod in it? The 650 and ipod are about the same size. I guess a converse question would be if you have the proclip for Ipod, how does the 650 do in it?

    Mostly I like to listen to tunes from my 650 but on long trips I want the full 40G of the ipod. It would be nice not to have to change holders.
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    Tons of people on this site talk about having a Pro-clip car holder for their Treo 650. You mean none of you have ever tried putting your Ipod in it??
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    I bought the proclips ipod holder and use it to hold me Treo650 which is in its case. See my posting with pics on this topic.
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    I'm ordering 2 of the iPod, in case, holders, the clip and the horizontal plate so 2 holders can share 1 clip. I think the only iPod holder that can accomidate a Treo is this one.
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