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    A simple request...

    I have just installed Agendus Standard Edition for Palm OS onto my Treo 650. New meetings created by Agendus get labelled with my chosen Icons for the category. However meetings that I created before installing Agendus, when I was using the Palm Datebook, do not have the relevant icons attached to them, even though their categories have been correctly transferred to Agendus.

    Can anyone help me - is there a way to label meetings (previously created in the Palm Datebook app) with the icons without having to go through each and every one manually?

    Many thanks...
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    Bump... Or is there no way to fix this?
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    I understand your question but as far as I know, there is no way to do what you want to do in Agendus. You may want to try downloading the agendus desktop for windows, and then insert your icons into your meetings, from your desktop. That would be much easier than doing this on your Treo. Even with the desktop, I think you will still have to do this one by one.

    I use Agendus, but as a side note, I don't think that datebk5 has this issue. I think that datebk5 will look at the category and then assign the icons accordingly. Someone that uses Datebk5 may want to chime in to confirm this.

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