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    Has anyone used the Franklin Covey Plan Plus Software for Outlook with their Treo 650? If so, how does it work?
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    Hi akarogers
    I'm using PlanPlus 2.0 with Treo, with Hotsync 6.0.1 - which is important because PlanPlus apparently crashed with Hotsync 6.0. Anyway my Treo is less than a month old & out of the box it works..

    The trick is to have Palm desktop running & have Treo synchin just with Palm. If you had Planplus running before you install Treo desktop - then uninstall PlanPlus for Palm first). So straight hotsync with Desktop is starting point & treo knows nothing of Outlook or PlanPlus. Then install PlanPlus for Palm from PP CD. Along with DRE, TaskList conduits it installs PocketMirror for Outlook. DO NOT LET IT HOTSYNC yet. Go into Add/Remove & uninstall Pocket Mirror (switching it back again to Palm Desktop). Then Hotsync to install DRE, Tasklist on the Treo & synch's with Desktop. After that you can pop in the CD & switch to Palm Outlook Conduits & then Desktop Overwrites HH & on all except tasks - set to do Nothing. Then you away. You have DRE, Tasklist, Calendar, Contacts & Memos running. The Palm outlook conduits work fine.
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    Thanks, great instructions!!!!
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    I am a hard core user of PlanPlus and have been through all the ups and downs. It baffles me that FranklinCovey who claims to be a leader in productivity has refused to upgrade its software for the best palm organzier ever envented the Treo Smartphone.

    Let me know I can help!
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    I think part of the issue is that FC has not performed particularily well financially ever since the company was formed from the two parts. The company has over 1300 employees according to yahoo with a market cap of 140 million.

    I'd like to see them do well. I like their products, Covey's books and the web site.
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    I agree with you in part but I worked for them for two years doing outbound sales setting people up for seminars and selling their retail items. I was passed up 3 times for promotion and I was the top seller in the district and sometimes the west coast. but they said I didn't have enough experience well now I am a sales director for Utah's 3rd largest credit union (not enough experience huh???) there prorities are out of wack. they need to read their own books! ever year a top executive is fired and they are the number 1 empolyer for layoffs in Utah.
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    No doubt. Its a bane of companies that can not follow their own advice.

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