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    Just got the T650 / my first Palm / first PDA. While I am waiting for the light to turn green I am RTFM and I had some general questions. FYI - I am running a MAC - Panther / Entourage.

    I plan on using 650 without any additional software just to see how it runs (firmware is current).

    From prior posts I believe that I do not want Docs to go (resets) and ideally want to synch with Entourage using (missing synch).

    1. Do I still have to install the Palm Desktop software or will the software products have their own sync software? I want to avoid potential conflicts and having to remove files in order to get something to work.

    2. I also want to use Filemaker Pro mobile 7 which has synch software. I am planning on building a MAC DB which will have customer Names and Address and a lot of other data.

    Does software exist that will allow you to synch between software products ie, contacts in Entourage 2004 and customers in FileMaker Pro? I will have many more contacts than customers and data will change periodically. So it would be simpler not to have to rekey new phone numbers or address changes etc.

    3. What size expansion card should I get? (I understand large enough for my data) Does the 650 support the 2G' cards or should I by two 1G's. I am
    having a difficult time correlating the size of a card to the size of hard drives in computers. I work as a personal trainer and won't have a lot of photos and games and mp3. I do envision a lot of PDF's and .XLS and .DOC and ppt and Keynote presentation stuff. Not really looking for an answer but more of any experience you have.

    Gotta ago the light is green.

    Thanks in advance
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    That's either a very long light or you've got very fast thumbs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    That's either a very long light or you've got very fast thumbs...
    I think he meant the charging light

    (for the first charge)
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    1. you do need to install palmdesktop. missing sync uses the hotsync manager

    3. It's easier to have one card...get the biggest you can afford.
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    Thanks, I did mean the charging light. The documentation stated that it would take up to 4 hours to charge yet it turned green in about an hour. Wonder if I got somebodies returned T650? Anyway.

    Do know of any software that will synch two different applications as I mentioned in the original post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I think he meant the charging light

    (for the first charge)
    Doh! Of course! I guess my reading was colored by the fact that I was waiting in traffic myself at the time...
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    I thought he was reading the manual in the car off and on and posting,,,,,, thats what I do,,,,,,, the posting part, not the manual part, cause I know every fr*ggen thing in the world
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    [QUOTE=dutchtrumpet]1. you do need to install palmdesktop. missing sync uses the hotsync manager

    Just purchased Missing Sync and in the Read me file the folowing info appears.

    - Please note that The Missing Sync for Palm OS replaces the functionality of the HotSync Manager software. The Missing Sync installer will attempt to remove the HotSync Manager software and some of it's components.

    The Missing Sync will NOT delete the Palm Desktop application, your Palm user data, or any of your existing conduits.

    - Do NOT install the Palm Desktop software on top of The Missing Sync. Doing so will replace certain conduits that we have installed including a more advanced backup conduit. If you do install Palm Desktop software on top of The Missing Sync and then launch Missing Sync, a message will display saying "Missing Sync needs to perform some repairs. Please enter your administrator password in the next dialog to continue."

    - If you synchronize data with the Palm Desktop application (Date Book, Address Book, Memo, To Do) do not use the options in the Palm Desktop software HotSync menu. These menu options will not work properly because the HotSync Manager is no longer available. Instead, click and hold the Missing Sync icon in the dock to reveal menu options to edit handheld names or change conduit settings. You can also drag and drop files onto the Missing Sync dock icon to queue them for installation.

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