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    Has anyone else encountered the problem of having a number of different contact "groups" in their Microsoft Outlook contacts yet only about 15 of the "groups" transfer over to the Treo 650?

    If so, has anyone found a solution to get ALL the groups transfered over to the Treo 650?

    Groups are a key way that I organize my contacts and an especially efficent way for me to get a name "on the fly" so to speak.

    Hope you folks can help.

    Thanks in advance.
    - Peter O'Connell
    Voice Talent
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    peter let me know if you found out the answer. I have the same problem. I have about 1500 contacts and 50 categories. The bug I've found is that only about 1200 of my 1500 contacts are available in my palm look up. Even if I use the search app they are found. But... if I dial that persons number directly on the phone their name still pops up... I'ts very strange and I can't find any kind of thread about this problem.

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