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    Hi, this problem just occured out of nowhere. I've been using my treo for a few months now without muc problems. However, this morning when i tried to call someone there was absolutely no sound coming from the other person on the phone. the person also could not hear me speak to him. i tried doing the same with my bluetooth headset but i hear just one ring on it and then nothing. i've also tried playing MP3s and video files but no luck. However, when someone calls me i can hear the ring tone normally so im guessing the speaker isnt busted.
    i've also tried to do a reset using that small switch next to the battery..
    any idea whats going on?

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    Possibly the little switch up top is set to mute?
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    Could be a failed headset jack. Mine failed a few weeks ago. Try calling with a headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulhoop
    Possibly the little switch up top is set to mute?
    its the first thing i checked. i've tried calling with a headset and it works. did you get urs fixed sweider? if so, can you let me know how please

    paul, i can hear the ringtones when i try to call the treo (without the headset in of course)

    Thanks for your suggestoins guys
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    Exactly the same thing has happend to me. No sound on the earpiece and the mike doen't pick anything up. Using headphones is OK. Bluetooth handsfree doesn't work either. I can get it to beep with system / alarm sounds so the speaker isn't bust. An interesting thing though ... when on a call I used to get the 'hang up' icon on the screen, and next to it I got the 'speakerphone' icon. The speakerphone icon no longer gets displayed. I am convinced it is a software issue - the Treo has simply 'forgotten' it has a speaker!
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    Your headset jack has failed, leaving your Treo thinking that a headset is always plugged in. Get your Treo replaced. I've had two replaced already for exactly the same problem.

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    Yep - that makes sense! Thanks.
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    I just had the same issue... I used a headset, and then afterwards the phone speaker and microphone wouldn't work. I did a warm reset, followed by a soft reset, and it started working again.
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    I had to get my Treo replaced due to a fault jack. CIngular sent me an advanced replacement for an extra $8 to cover 1-day shipping.
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    Heh, my Treo 650 started doing this recently. I just blew some air into the headset jack and poked a twisty tie in there gently. Presto, it is working fine again.
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    For the record, I always do a soft reset, then a hard reset, whenever I have ANY problems with my Treo. So I did both of those things. I also did the compressed air thing. None of those options worked, so I returned my Treo. I would always suggest following these procedures before exchanging.....but if it don't work, it don't work, and I'm not paying $600 for a broken phone!
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