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    Found an app that may help all the GoodLink users out there (and others for that matter) with dynamic memory issues. UDMH (unlimited dynamic memory heap) seems to free stuff pretty well. Here are the results on my Treo 600 with GoodLink:

    Before UDMH:
    From Memory Info

    NVFS Cache:
    Total Size: 23743KB
    Total Free: 7324KB
    Largest Free Chunk: 7235KB

    Dynamic Heap:
    Total Size: 2944KB
    Total Free: 1370KB
    Largest Free Chunk: 1166KB

    From Palm Delete:

    Free Space: 7.1M of 23.1

    From UDMH Info Screen (before enabled):

    Dynamic memory information:

    Total Size: 3,014,656 bytes
    Free Space: 1,506,092 bytes
    Max Chunk Size: 1,367,580 bytes

    After UDMH is enabled:

    From Memory Info

    NVFS Cache:
    Total Size: 23743KB
    Total Free: 7206KB
    Largest Free Chunk: 7185KB

    Dynamic Heap:
    Total Size: 26687KB
    Total Free: 8576KB
    Largest Free Chunk: 7185KB

    From Palm Delete:

    Free Space: 7M of 23.1

    From UDMH Info Screen (before enabled):

    Dynamic memory information:

    Total Size: 27,328,240bytes
    Free Space: 8,777,548 bytes
    Max Chunk Size: 7,349,288 bytes

    Your results may vary and as with any hack, install at your own risk as this in not supported buy Good. You can find it at
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    Will this help with the Cache that is consumed so bad by Goodlink?
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    GoodGuy - many thanks for the tip and all the time you've spent helping people use Good effectively.

    While UDMH certainly increases dynamic heap (RAM) and therefore will be useful for Treo600 users, it won't help with the biggest issue us Treo650 GoodLink users have - namely, the limited amount of NVFS Cache. That is what the dbCache tool is supposed to help with, but I haven't found it particularly effective against the 6.5MB that GL takes on my 650. My guess is that the Dynamic Heap numbers reported in your post are high only because the Treo600 didn't have NVFS/flash memory, so "NVFS
    Cache" memory is effectively the same as dynamic memory (RAM).

    The problem on the 650 is the 10MB of NVFS Cache spaced allocated. Here is what mine typically looks like (11647KB is the amount of NVFS Cache in the hardware and I have 4.5MB free dynamic memory):
    7691KB After boot but before GL init
    1161KB After GL init
    818KB After Causerie init
    202KB After a typical VersaMail sync session

    At this point, I can't run Blazer or any other app that needs more than 202KB in NVFS Cache without getting the infamous "out of memory" error message. This seriously limits the usefulness of the Treo and if it wasn't for BT and the high res screen, I'd say the Treo600 was better.

    This is definitely a Palm hardware design error/oversight, but if there was any way for GL to use less cache, it would help us all out. Even if we could just configure how much cache memory we wanted to give GL, that would help immensely.
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  4.    #4 know, you would think I could score a 650, wouldn't you?!?!

    Thanks for your insight and information.
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    Then you could say "I feel your pain"
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomvb2000
    Then you could say "I feel your pain"
    Oh, I feel it. You seen how many posts there are on this very issue??

    I feel it.
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    Maybe the real question is "do the Good marketing and R&D folks have 650's so they can feel the pain?". That would probably help raise the priority of improving the situation!
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    They do and you can be assured it is being worked on. I would love to put all the blame on Palm for the 32MB decision, but I can't. We are constantly working on the memory footprint, but being that I am not the engineer/developer type, I don't know what all can and can't be done as it relates to the functionality of the application and the memory consumption. All I can say is the people that need to know, do know.
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    That's Good to hear.

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