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    My phone ranged...and ranged...and ranged.
    I ran to it to find that a error box said 'profile record not found' OK.
    I pressed OK...nothing. And still the phone is ringing.
    I pressed phone off...nothing. No buttons worked and the phone is on its 20 something ring.

    Finally I soft reset (under battery cover).
    Came back to find they did leave a voicemail (evidently the phone was ringing anyway).

    I have not had a chance to test this but the last thing I tried was to lock the phone on power off. I am thinking that the incoming call could not be answered for some reason?

    BTW, Sprint CDMA Treo 650 v1.08 (v1.12 has some BT bugs I don't want).
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    This has happened to me twice in about 6 months. Only twice. I've been unable to figure out any pattern at all. As long as it's that infrequent, I'm not going to worry too much.
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    OK, I found out what happened (don't know why).

    Somehow I lost ProfilesDB.pdb and ProfilesTriggersDB.pdb (both were 80 bytes). When my phone came back on it was looking for the profiles and could not find them so it threw up an error box. Except you cannot close it! You have to soft reset. Well, this happened while my phone was ringing so it kept on ringing...nothing could get past the error box to tell it to stop ringing.

    Thank goodness HotSync archive had a backup (btw, I was still debating on BackupMan or Resco Explorer).

    I wonder if the ringer switch would have worked (my profile was on vibrate so I could test it) but imagine if I was in a meeting and this happened with a skinned Treo!
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    JEMShoe, I don't see these files on my phone that has the problem or on my co-workers' phones that don't have the problem.
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