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    I had a Sony Clie for about 4 years but lost it last week. I am thinking of buying the Treo 650, but was wondering if there will be a problem synching my old profile from my desktop onto the Treo 650. I think I have palm desktop version 4. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have no idea about the Clie' but an existing installation from a Palm M505 sent my 650 into endless reset loop. The 650 installation discovered the old installation and claimed to block non-compatible apps. Not true in my opinion. I was able to get all my Outlook contacts no problem with the sofytware provided but the old Palm data had to be hidden away so the new installation program could not find it or it was loopsville. Can't see why you should not try but be ready to bail and start fresh if it dosn't work.

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    No don't do that. There are alot of old OS 4.x apps that will crash the Treo! It's better to just to a clean install syncing only your PIM and then installing updated versions of all your apps one by one making sure they are all OS 5.x compatible...
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    I actually only care about the information in the PIM. How do I synch only the PIM?
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    If yoiu are using Outlook, when you get the 650, you will install the Palm Desktop and Outlook conduits. This will sync it up.

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