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    Is there any interest in a web-based time tracking and billing solution that has desktop and mobile versions?

    I'm about ready to let some people try it if there is any interest. With a web-based solution, you could:

    • Enter your time anywhere you have an internet connection, from either your Treo or desktop (or any computer anywhere because there is no software to install).
    • Share the information instantly with the office back home, or even with customers if you wish. Your Administrative Assistant could distribute reports or issue invoices immediately after you finish entering your time from another city.
    • Forget about synchronizing or losing your data on your Treo (or desktop) because it is all stored on a web server.
    • Never update your software, because there is no software on your computer or Treo.
    • Never worry about how much space is taken on your Treo, because you have access to the full database (through your browser) without any space taken on your Treo.
    • Export your data in a variety of formats. All reports can be exported to PDF format, also, for easy sharing via email.

    If you are interested in trying it, just let me know. I will have to set you up as a user. You will be able to try many of the features, but not all of them (yet). Currently it automatically detects when you log in using a Treo (using Blazer) and it switches to the mobile version automatically. Only thing the mobile version can do is enter time records at this point. I will need feedback on this and many other items.

    The full version allows time entry and reporting, along with invoice creation on multiple projects and multiple customers. I need to add the capability to enter expenses, also. And who knows what else. . .

    Just post in this thread if you want a test account.



    p.s. Here are some flash demos of the way the software works on a desktop. Of course, the mobile version will be a little different. . .
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    I'll try it. I've got 80 clients to worry about and I can't find a good time management system.

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    O.k., I'll set you up and get back with you.

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    It just uses a web browser, so anyone can use it. Anywhere. Anytime. Especially if you have a Treo. . .

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