We've had a few threads regarding the fact that the LMP can wake up your Treo 650. I thought that was pretty cool, and hoped I'd find a way to use it for voice dial. No joy, but that's another thread.

This wake-up thing is proving to be a problem though!

I keep my LMP on my car visor and turn it off when I park in my home garage to conserve battery over night. But, when I get into the car in the morning and turn on the LMP it wakes-up and unlocks my phone (which is still in the case on my belt).

This frequently causes random functions to be started based on which menu I left my phone at when I last used it. No doubt due to the fact that my keyboard is unlocked by the LMP and my seatbelt goes right across my Treo in it's side case.

Can anyone think of a way to prevent this from happening?

Thanks, as always!