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    Some advise please? I cannot get into my email using the mail icon. As Soon as it open, it resets the phone. It doesn't even stay long enough for me to get to the options and delete the account, if that would help.
    It started when I got an ASDA/Walmart email on Friday with lots of other spam. I deleted everything but on trying to delete this spam message, it would not do it and just rebooted itself every time. Now the email is still there, but I cannot stay in the program long enough to try and get rid of it. Apart from a hard reset, what elsae can I do? This is a two week old replacement from Orange UK.
    The other thing that happens is the phone keeps losing the GSM signal ie GSM is disabled. I then get it back but it drops out again very shortly after.
    Any ideas please before this phone gets chucked?
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    Have you tried this?

    Found it by searching for versamail and reset
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    - make sure you have the newest firmware (1.28)
    - use Chattermail in stead of Versamail (

    My Treo 650 is now (at last) rock solid. Good luck.
    - Wouter
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    Versamail sucks! Switch to Chatter or Snapper and you will not have near as many issues.
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    that palm kb article is right on the money 9 times out of 10. I stopped using versamail in the end after I lost my email for the 3rd time.

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