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    I was wondering what everyone believes to be the essential programs a business person, a student, and a casual user must have on their pda? Also, what programs besides what comes with a visor should be on everyone's visor?

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    Datebk 4
    Dope Wars
    Peanut Reader
    Documents to Go 3.0

    Covers 'em all!!
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    (again, it'd be REALLY nice to somehow incorporate these "what's the best software" requests into the software section of the web site. hint...hint...)

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    The app that seems to get mentioned the most is AvantGo.
    For students, a lot of them like Four.Zero
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    Try these..They're for a mainstream audience. I can't recall where I found them. Most likely (a great download site), PalmGear or CNET.
    It was a struggle for me to not mention games.

    Avantgo (the best In my opinion, unrivaled, needs no introduction.)
    Scribble-Out(wipe out entire address, to-do, memo, datebbok databases instead of one by one)
    Happy Days (birthday records app integrating with addressbook and datebook.)
    Converter (a must for the rest of the world who has embraced the metric system, though there are other programs with more conversions, this is freeware, and compact in size)

    Runtime (battery usage observation tool.)
    BackupBuddy (worthwhile, though the current backup module should do the trick with the current 8MB models.)

    mr. kia

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    I recommend ThinkDB by Just discovered it a few days ago and love it! It can be used to replace alot of the apps that is now available for the Palm OS.
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    These are the programs I've actually registered and recommend wholeheartedly:

    Action Names Datebook (excellent replacement for the contact/organization apps built in. the best app i've seen so far, easily kicking datebk4's usability (not to mention, a much better manual)). check out

    Hackmaster (needed to run the hacks below)

    Graspeedy (a hack for making a part of your grafitti area automatically write capitals)

    Noah Pro (dictionary)

    AvantGO (others have mentioned this one, check out i use this to read the new york times, variety, and get my local (toronto) weather each day.

    Pedit Pro (the closest i've found to a word processor. excellent updates, good manual, LOTS of features.)

    Stowaway keyboard (check out this keyboard rocks.

    Diddlebug (turns screen into a sketchpad)

    MultiClip Hack (allows up to 16 clipboard entries that are easily accessible with a pen stroke).

    HandDBase (database program. i chose this one over thinkdb cause thinkdb has a few bugs in its calculation of fields options, which i verified on the thinkdb help group before choosing handdbase. handdbase manual is *far* superior to thinkdbs. i also have written both companies for tech support. thinkdb never bothered to write me back. handdbase wrote back in a day.)

    Nortorn Antivirus for Palm OS (just in case). check out

    all of the above apps that don't have an url can be found at


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    A.P.1. (10-games-in-1)
    A.P.2. (another 10-games-in-1)
    Docs-To-Go (the new, editable ver.)
    HackMaster (of course)
    HandBase(dBase, w/tons available at MemoWare)
    ImageViewer / FireViewer
    JFile(dBase, w/tons available at MemoWare)
    MakeDoc / MakeDocW
    MegaDoc (new, best WP app)
    MobileDB(dBase, w/tons available at MemoWare)
    TEAL[anything] -- by TealPoint SW, a killer SW Co.

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    I'm looking for a something to keep track of my credit card/checking balance and transactions. Any suggestions for a free or almost free app?
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    Originally posted by Super Saiyen Peter
    I'm looking for a something to keep track of my credit card/checking balance and transactions. Any suggestions for a free or almost free app?
    I use QMate. I don't remember if it's free or not, I had an old version of it on my Palm3 which I transfered to my VDX.
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    Check out MyCheckbook. It's free and it supports multiple accounts.
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    One that's about $5 is CheckIt Personal but it doesn't work on some Visors so it may not help you. Check out AllMoney from iambic (available on PalmGear or iambic). It's simple to use and does exactly what you're asking for ... only $20.
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    I use tender
    It's free as well and seems to work well for me. Customizable accounts, etc. pretty much the bare minimum to get the job done.
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    Phlegm Hack is the most used and appreciated program I own. It's been indespensible from my PalmPilot Pro days until now with my prism. I also like PowerHack. It's the most secure app I've found and the price is right. Both hacks mentioned above are free.
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    These are the apps that I consider essential that I've actually got registered (actually got registered games too, but will leave those up to you!):

    AvantGo - offline browser
    Cesium - clock
    DateBk4 - datebook replacement
    FireViewer - image viewer
    MiniCalc - spreadsheet
    Qvadis Reader - doc reader
    ThinkDB - database

    Now if only someone integrated all the above into one program...

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    Depending on your main use(s), a fax app could be "essential". I just found a public beta of one at Palm Gear. I have sent one local test and it worked fine. Price is a little steep, though: US$40.00, I think.
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    Another little gem (which is freeware) is Mapopolis ( ).
    You can download maps of your local area.
    I'm impressed, even though my parents live about 20 miles from the nearest town, they were on the map.
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    For the 2 or more palm families, I like wesync. It allows multiple palmtops to share a common calendar that is synced across the internet. Very cool to keep track of when that in-law is coming to town.
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    Is Megadoc.

    I know it has taken some flak before, but it has never crashed on me, works great, allows me to edit txt, html, doc and pdocs and works with my stowaway keyboard.

    Go Megadoc!
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    The following apps have served me well:

    Ultrasoft Money Pocket Ed. (An excellent account tracker
    that synchs w/ Money 2001)
    Mapopolis 2.0 (A free map program that you can even edit)
    Documents to Go 3.0 Pro Ed.

    The above programs are indispensible to me; however, my favorite app overall is...


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