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    ...available at Palm Gear. The most recent version is 1.7, but the 2.0 beta works just great. It's the easiest and cleanest way to create shopping lists, and it is powerful enough to accomplish more! Check out the beta (with OS3.5 fixes at:

    and 1.7 at:
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    After my original posting this is what I feel are really good programs.

    Action Names by Iambic
    Iambic Reader
    all money by iambic
    tetris classic =)

    I'm not sure which text editing software is the best but right now I have QED, peditPRO and Doc2go. I will be testing these programs with my new stowaway which I got for 85 dollars and a free case at staples. Cool eh. Case sucks though but it holds my stowaway and visor. So right now I'm in limbo about a text editor
    There is no I in team but there is me. =)
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