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    After having my dog bathe my Treo 600 in hot tea for a few minutes, I had one dead TREO. Not being one to spend $400.00 without good reason (I was an electrical engineer in a past life...) I spent the weekend dis-assembling, cleaning, drying and re-assembling my very expensive phone.

    Here I was the closest I have been so far. The display finally became stable, and I could set the Brightness and Contrast settings so they would stay stable. The plasma display PS finally stopped oscillating. Outstanding!

    After some testing however I found that some of the buttons had been permanently re-assigned.?!? The 'Volume' buttons would not work to change volume as they did previously. The lower volume button worked the way the 'sleep' button did. The upper volume button, the 'Message' button, and the 'Sleep' button worked to bring me to messaging (which I never used).

    These buttons would do nothing else. The 'Select' button ( the big one in the center) could be used to bring the unit out of 'sleep' mode, but after entering any other menu the 'Select' button would not work as previously.

    This was a phone that I could at least use (hopefully until the keyboard would dry out), but as an 'Engineer' I sought a 'better' solution. First I tried a soft reset. No change. Then I tried a hard reset. No matter, I had already lost all the data I was going to so far. No change. Then I found the Battery disconnect reset procedure on the Palm Website. . .

    It worked fine, but since I performed this reset I am now in the setup wizard asking me my preferred language. Unfortunately, the keys are re-assigned in firmware and I cannot select 'English' (or any other language for that matter) as my default language because the 'Select' button does not work as it should (still takes me to messaging).

    The only fix I can see (as an engineer) is one that can force a new firmware image (or O.S) down from my PC without much input from the Treo keypad. . .

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Buy a new one.
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