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    I find myself worrying what would happen if I lost my Treo, as I have a fair amount of personal information of value on it.

    Is there any kind of a failsafe feature that would enable a user to call in and "zap" everything off the Treo in case it fell into the wrong hands? Several years ago I lost a Palm and within a week some miscreant had used some of the relatively benign-seeming information on it to pull some nefarious tricks.

    I suppose the answer would be to password protect the device, however, I really wouldn't want to have to enter a PW every stinking time I use the thing.
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    M Safe

    It allows you to both lock or wipe/erase your Treo by sending it a special SMS message.
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    I would be interested to know this as well. This has always been a feature on Sanyo could send a specially coded text message and it would lock your phone. The only way to unlock it would be to bring it into a Sprint store, or you enter the code. That was especially usefull if you lost your phone.

    With the large amount of personal information on Treo's, I'm surprised Palm didn't implement this technology (or did they?).
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    M Safe

    It allows you to both lock or wipe/erase your Treo by sending it a special SMS message.
    Was typing when you replied. That is a good looking app, but how many businessmen/etc, do you think know about that? Imagine if a CEO of a large company lost his think he would have downloaded and installed that app? I highly doubt it. I would think Palm would have included some sort of standard factory software, due to the large amount of execs that use this device. Oh well, just be careful I guess.
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    TreoHelper will lock your Treo for free. Other threads here verify that the built in security is excellent.
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    You can lock remotely - as long as the battery is still good and you are in range of a tower for a SMS message. I use TealLock for basic security and mSafe for the locking and wiping when lost. It also has an option to send a response to the sender of the message.

    My settings - lock when SMS is received with a specific password; wipe the SD card when SMS is received with a specific password.

    I have in the past used TreoHelper to lock the Treo and that works very well. However, it does not wipe out the SD card.

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    mSafe is a possibility. i like the look of TreoHelp but i can't seem to get it to do as i want: under "SMS" with the first one selected, I have "Enable this SMS trigger" ticked, then a Trigger text string of around fifteen letters, and then underneath that I have "Lock" selected (as well as Message Tone / Volume Loud, and Vibrate). at any rate, when I receive a message containing only that text string to my phone number, nothing happens (except it shows up in my SMS folder). am I missing something?
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    mSafe's publisher has a suggestion page, and I've asked them to support more secure wiping -- of the Treo RAM and also of the SD card. Just formatting the card (that's all it does, right?), while amazingly cool as a capability, doesn't prevent easy retrieval of the card's contents. And it would be nice to have support for the Zero-out Reset on the Treo RAM, which is supposed to prevent low level utilities from recovering its data. If anyone else wants this, let them know.

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