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    I am able to connect to my server at work from my home computer and access files on the hard drive without a problem (Word documents to be specific). I figured I could do the same from my Treo 650. I loaded the Mergic VPN software on the Treo and have a connection to my VPN server - surprisingly easy. Now how do I access these files on the server and either download them to my Treo or view them on my Treo??

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    I don't think there's a Samba client for the Treo...
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    try wifile or smbmate. if you can still find a copy of smbmate floating around, it was freeware. eventually taken over by hands-high software who further developed it into the commercial wifile with some additional capabilities and a cleaner ui. works great for x'ferring files to / from windows shares to the treo over vpn.
    -- berto
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    It took a few minutes to find smbmate. So here is the link to save you time.
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    This is very slick, I will be sure to add it to my list of software. Thanks for sharing guys.
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    Thanks! I had found wifile on my own and got it working. Did not know about smbmate - will download that and give it a shot.

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