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    Would you buy a rubber battery cover?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    Would you buy a rubber battery cover?
    Explain it a little bit better, and then I could give you a honest answer.
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    Yes...more detail please.

    Do you mean a replacement batt. cover that fits better and is rubber (high friction) to function like egrips?
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    Yes exactly. I hate how flimsy the plastic one is
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    Yes exactly. I hate how flimsy the plastic one is
    Is a rubber one going to be more rigid? Is there already one out there.
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    I don't get it .
    Why do you need a cover for battery?
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    So it doesn't fall out and reset your treo. It also looks better with the battery cover on. Take yours off for a day and see how it works.
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    think of it this way. you can leave your treo on ANY surface and not have it slide, battery cover will not fall off if you don't have a case on it. stronger (won't break as easy).
  9. #9's like a permanent egrips material on the back of your phone.

    This is one of my top two complaints with the 650. I want some kinda rubber on the back so that I don't need to buy egrips or a case. The phone is too slippery as is.

    ALL cell phones should have some type of rubbery material on their backings.
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    This is an excellent idea !! Just give me a replacement of the current battery door, but (partly) of a material that keeps a better grip !

    I personaly don't like the looks of E-grips or silicone covers so this would be very welcome !
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    I would. I like the idea, but also, to the potential 3rd party will be even better if it has a reset hole so one doesn't have to remove the cover just to soft reset.
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    I would,,,even though it would look odd, a rubberish type of batterydoor i think would hold up much better than the plastic door already...espeically given the weight of the treo
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    just wondering how hard it would be to slide into my proclip mount... but I am interested.
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    Yes, this does sound really good; one could avoid adding egrips and thereby keep the phone the same size and shape, and it would be permanent (have heard some complain that egrips wear out too quickly). And I second DocGo's recomendation that the reset hole be more accessible!! (What were they thinking on that one, eh?)
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    Make it and they will come
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    Does this exist or is it on a wish list?

    If it's out there how about a pix or a link?
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    Don't think it exists...but hopefully somebody sees this poll and sees that it's worth the investment!!!

    However, for the temporary...I found a solution for those wanting a long-lasting grip at a cheap price (how can you beat that, right?).'s the story. Mediasi mentioned in a post that "anti-skid tub strips" (small strips that are placed in the bath tub) would prolly work well, even if a little tacky. I decided to check out Wal-Mart's selection of anti-skid tub strips, but to my dismay Wal-Mart had none. I asked the person working there if she knew what I was talking about...but she could barely understand English. Somebody else recommended that I check the hardware section. I went over there, but no tub strips! Ahh...I decided to continue looking in the hardware section for something with a grippy material on one side and an adhesive on the other. As I was just about to leave, I found this...a 25 foot long roll of Duck tape called "Hold-It for Rugs"!!! It was thick, just thick enough for the battery cover!! I checked the price...$6.98 (or somethin' like that). I was disappointed since it's Wal-Mart, but considering egrips are $11 to $13 for ONE pair of egrips....I realized it was actually an excellent buy. 25 feet of this stuff equals like 150 egrip-like "patches" for your 650.

    I've only used it for a day, but it grips very good and the adhesive works very well -- MUCH better than my experience with egrips!! I took my first test patch off at the end of the day to see how easy it was to remove the adhesive from the cover. It wasn't hard as I did it all with my thumbs. It's the perfect width, the perfect material, the perfect adhesive, the perfect price. The only thing I'm complaining about is that it's white and gets dirty fairly quickly. I'm going to try using a blue/silver sharpie on it and see if that works out. Hopefully!!

    So, if you've got a few buckaroos to spare and want to prevent your treo from drops/slips...pick up the Hold-It for Rugs tape in the hardware section of Wal-Mart. Hope this helps a few of you guys out!
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    Could you post a pic ?
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    You'll need:

    masking tape, squeegee, clear silicone or shoe-goo.

    1. Mask off battery cover where you don't want a sticky surface. i.e. leave a rectangular area unmasked.

    2. With squeegee, apply a thin layer of silicone or shoe-goo on battery cover

    4. Let dry overnight. peel off masking tape in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ztupid
    Could you post a pic ?
    I just did in this forum:

    I just colored the white tape with a regular marker...not even a sharpie...but the blue ink's not quite cobalt blue, but it's better than just plain white.

    I'll be posting new pics of the newly colored tape later today.

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