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    VZW Treo 650 less than 1 month old with a cracked screen, everything else works, BT SD slot and can make and recieve calls just can not see the screen. Only marks on the phone are the small scuffs on the front.
    I have seen some selling on Ebay for around $100.00 to $150.00 I really do not want to deal with Ebay but if some one can use this make me an offer.
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    $75.00 if the case is not scratched (other than the screen)
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

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    Small scratches on the sliver part around the screen but that is where it hit the floor.
    I will keep your offer in mind, would like to see if anyone else is interested.
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    I'm just kiddin'...don't want your stankin' 650 on crack!! What do I look like, a rehabilitation center?
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    How bout some photos?
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    PM discuss.
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    I want it too,But I don't know where you are. If it can unlocked for other GSM network?
    My friend in USA and he will back Aug.

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    This is a CDMA phone so it will not work for GSM. I will get a few pic's in a couple hours need to run back home anyway.
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    In China ,the CDMA network is special, it need a SIM card to use..
    I find treo 650 screen repalace part...
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    ok so I cant figure out how to post the pics, email me and I can send them to you.
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    ok hope that this works
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    Man, that is SOME crack you got there.
    Using my treo 650 for business:

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