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    I'm looking for a good stable program for the 650 that works as both a file management program and an unzipper. backups would also be an awesome feature. I'm using Resco Explorer now which I love but it does not have an unzipper built in. let me know what you have found. Thanks.
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    Nevermind Resco does have an unzipper built in. This program rocks!
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    RescoExplorer DO has an unzipper built in.

    It treat .zip as a folder.

    By the way, Resco also has an backup featuer built in.
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    I agree, Resco rocks! It's zipping capabilities are so well integrated in you might not even notice you were browsing a zip file instead of a normal folder!

    I use it for my regular backup solution as well.
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    I wish that Resco developers would go work for PalmSource and show them how it's done.

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