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    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a Sony VAIO T350 with the intent of taking advantage of Sprint's dial up networking through the bluetooth connection on my treo 650. But I'm having a heck of a time figuring it out.

    So far, I've done a hotsync through bluetooth on the sony. Also, it seems to recognize and install the treo's modem as new hardware. But I keep getting this 633 error saying the port i'm trying to use is already in use or the modem is not set up correcting.

    What I did was install a new bluetooth device using the wlan/bluetooth menu. Then I went to services. The computer found and put up a little check box for dial up networking. I checked the box and the computer found new hardware, the treo's modem. It installed it and as happy with it.

    I then went to make new connection. I followed the same instructions you would follow for a dial up connection via phone line. But instead of selecting the intermal dial up modem, i chose the treo modem. It asked me to enter a phone number, so I entered my sprint phone number for the treo. But again, I keep getting that 633 error.

    I'm frustrated because I feel like I'm 1 inch away from success. All of the postings on the internet for this feature are for older versions of windows xp or are hacks.

    I've already installed the treo updtater 1.12. It allows me to enable dial up networking on the phone.

    Please help
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    Are you talking about the built in modem that the t350 has? I wanted to know if there was a way I could just put in my Cingular SIM Card in that computer to use my unlimited mediaworks plan. I hope You and I are thinking about the same computer...
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    Actually, I'm talking about using the bluetooth connection to use the treo's wireless modem to get my t350 on the internet. I know sprint also offers a wireless modem card, but i would prefer not to pay for the card or the monthly fee.
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    vaiodun, did you try #777 for the phone number? That is the number that needs to be dialed to establish the DUN connection.
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    I am having the same exact problem. I just installed the 1.12 update on my phone the other day. I just bought a vaio s460 today, and I know I have all my settings correct b/c I was able to use DUN successfully on my old laptop a week or so ago, but for some reason it just suddenly quit connecting a few days ago, saying that there was no response from the Treo. Now on this new computer I keep getting error 633. I have no option but to get this to work b/c I will NOT pay for PDAnet.

    I am about to shoot myself. Please help me.
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    Kabuki, did you get your problem figured out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaiodun
    It asked me to enter a phone number, so I entered my sprint phone number for the treo. But again, I keep getting that 633 error.

    I have a Vaio S3XP. I set up the Bluetooth DUN according to the manual for the GSM Treo. In it it says that the number you should enter is *99***1#

    I've attached the Bluetooth manual from Palm.


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    I have found that I get the "port occupied message" if Bluetooth is occupied with other tasks I didn't realize it was doing. For example, if it is engaged with another computer or phone, when I attempt to sync via Bluetooth it gives me the port busy error. Try to disconnect/turnoff any other BT devices you have going, then turn BT off and on again and give it a spin. This cleared the problem up for me.

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