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    I'm on my 2nd Treo 600 and both have shown different problems with the headphone jack so far.

    On the first, the speaker stopped working and I had to use the provided headset in order to hear things such as answering the telephone.

    The 2nd recently developed a problem where pTunes (and presumably other) sound output still comes out of the speaker even when (Sony) headphones and a PalmOne adapter are plugged in. This setup worked perfectly on the Treo until around the day before yesterday. I've had this treo for a couple of months or so. The headphones work fine in the 3.5 mm sound output jack of my laptop. There is little that could go wrong in the adapter (possible but highly unlikely it's the problem), so I'm guessing it's the Treo. I installed a trial of Freedom to see if this would work around the problem. When I set Freedom to use the headset, it plays garbled thru the headhones. Deleting Freedom did not fix anything either (still plays all sound thru the speaker and never thru the headphone). Next I tried calling my phone from a landline to test audio. It worked OK without the headphone plugged in, but played no audio thru the speaker or headphone with the headphone/adapter plugged in. (The "normal" behavior is that received audio is played thru the headphone when plugged in and "spoken audio" is sent thru the treo phone's microphone. Spoken audio is working fine.)

    Has anyone else ever had such problems? (I've never seen anything written about this, but since I've had problems with two T600's I'm starting to doubt that I'm the only one. On my first T600, I thought the headphone problems might have been caused by a cheap Radio Shack 2.5<->3.5 mm adapter, so I used a PalmOne adapter on the 2nd Treo 600. Since the 2nd one is a new T600, I'm trying to solve the problem on my own rather than asking Sprint for a refurb under warranty. I waited for the first T600 to develop multiple problems (headphone, plus network search, plus SDIO card not being recognized, the latter 2 happended at the same time) before turning it in for a new one. I had the 2nd treo in an innopocket case from the start and it has been treated well. Mostly, I'm writing because I'm curious if anyone else ever had a problem with no sound thru the headphone, and if so, any solutions you might have found.

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    2 of my 600's had headphone jack issues although they dont seem as serious as yours. mine just had to do with me not being able to listen to mp3's or use an fm transmitter because the jack became "loose."

    this was most noticeable when you would put the adapter in and it would just sorta slide right back out with very little pulling. theres supposed to be like a click or something so you know its in there right. anyways i took it back to the sprint store and they got me factory warranty replacements even though my year long warranty ran out. i shoulda asked about having them upgrade me to the 650 but i didnt want to press my luck.

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