I'm using the recent b12 release and WOW do the html messages look amazing. Great job with this, Marc! It appears that the formatting of non-html messages looks better too (line spacing, indentation, other fixes) though I don't remember you specifically mentioning doing anything with these. I also really like the "use small fonts" prefs option because the html messages them look just like small font in Blazer.

A few suggestions:

1. Add the option for using small fonts in all messages. I'm not sure if it's supposed to work this way already, but I can't get my non-html messages to use these fonts... just the html messages.

2. Add an option for Chatter to include embedded images in the html messages if the user desires this.

3. It appears that several of the new Prefs options do not yet have a descrition when you tap the info icon at the top right. Adding these would be helpful.

Great new features and thanks for keeping them coming!!!