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    Whats the quickest way to discharge the treo battery? is there a software avaliable to make light work of this as with some other phones..

    I ask because my phone was crashing, so after reports on here of dodgy batteries causing it, i replaced the battery with a new one off ebay. I fully charged it as normal then continued to use it, the phone didnt crash at all so im sure that was the problem. i bought a handsfree car kit now though, sot eh phone is constantly held about 50-60% charge, rather than how i used to let it go to nothing then recharge it from the power supply... and now my phone is playing up again

    So before i start whining that the battery is dead i think a few full charge/discharges are in order.. the battery seems to go down quite quickly so i dont think it is charging right.. i can sit and use the programs for a couple of minutes and loose a few percent power now..

    any ideas?

    *edit* its a T600 btw, with a 1500mah liIon batt or whatever they're called.
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    If you want to Drain Your Battery.

    Do this way...

    Open Memos / New

    type s
    press [Alt]
    select "shortcut" (like ribbin)
    type . (dot)
    type 1


    (Shortcut Dot 1)

    Your Palm will go to Debug Mode.
    Cancel by SoftReset.
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    This battery draining utility, Bob's Battery Killer, is from the author of Bob's Alarm.
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