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    I'd been holding off on the 650 (I was an early 600 adopter, with a 300 prior to that). But I reached the end of my annoyance with carting around the Cardo BT adaptor, and, with 1.12 out, figured this was finally the time to take the plunge.

    I'm using the Jabra 250, and finding that there's non-trivial static, even when the phone is on the counter and less than, say, 36" from the Jabra. In the car I routinely have the phone on my thigh (not in the holster) so it's pretty solidly LOS to the 250, and get static as well.

    It's a bit disappointing, to say the least. I was hoping since there didn't seem to be many recent threads on poor BT audio, that a ROM fix had solved it...but ow I am sad.

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    all I can say is that with the headsets it pretty much hit and miss because people tend to have mixed results. I never used the 250 but I use the scala and it works well for me.. the logitech and the hbh 660 seem to get great reviews also...
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    Well, I finally picked up an SE HBH-660, and it certainly is like night and day compared to the Jabra. I'm really stunned at the difference.

    Now, does anyone know how to et the HBH-660 to fit on a human ear? The clip seems WAY too short to nestle the unit in the right place on your ear!


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