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    Well just like it says my treo 650 got dropped and I do not had total coverage on the phone. So what are my options? I do not want to fork out 500 for a new one does anyone know how much it is to replace the screen? and if so where do I get it done.
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    Call palm directly, it'll cost around $200 to 300 I'd guess to have it replaced... You can not get the screen anywhere else yet.
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    Sorry to hear that happened to you Sodium. Best of luck getting it repaired.
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    Would Palm do that for a cracked screen 600?? I called Palm when it happened (well over a year ago)...they referred me to Sprint. I called Sprint...they referred me to Palm. It just kept going on 'til I broke down...there was nowhere I could find a screen for it.

    Now I still have it just lyin' around' my room. I'd really like to get something for it if possible. Any suggestions?
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    Either get insurance right now (they backdate at whatever the monthly premium is to the current month) or get it repaired for $179 through Palm, whichever is cheaper.
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    Here in the bay area. My brother works at sprint. When customer's come in with broken screens, his store replaces it with a referbished one for 50 dollars.
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    There was a post on here a while back from someone who could replace screens. Search is your friend.
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    Ok so I got VZW to add the total equipment protection and back date it to when I got the phone, so I am going to stop by my local store and get a new one. Thanks for the response.
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    I just went through this... Screens are not covered under warranty. It cost me about $200, including shipping, to get my screen replaced. (Actually I think I got an entirely new unit, but it just got here and I don't have my original serial number with me, so I'm not sure.)

    As to insurance -- I haven't found anyone who insures Cingular 650s. Has anyone else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilboi
    Here in the bay area. My brother works at sprint. When customer's come in with broken screens, his store replaces it with a referbished one for 50 dollars.
    That's only if they have lockline insurance....
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    Just wanted to chime in and let you all know that my local sprint store replaced my cracked screen for $50.00. Not all stores are able to make repairs of this kind. You have to just call ahead and ask if they have a service technician available. Dont try to get more out of the sales guys because they dont know what they are talking about and most likely they wont know how to answer your question. Verify they have an in house technician and then physically go down there and ask the sales guy to give you a service ticket for your cracked screen. I was in and out in about an hour.
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    I dropped my treo this afternoon and the screen is cracked. Only 50 % of the screen till works. It dropped off the table while being in a protective puch but the puch didn't help apparently.
    I live in belgium, europe and have a GSM version of the Treo 600.
    Does anyone have experience with repairs in Europe? I bought my treo via ebay and can therefore not access the original reseller.
    Who or what is SPRINT in the US? and how to I reach them to eventually repair mine. I have friends travelling to the states very frequently and they could take it there for repair eventually.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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